The Ruins of Abbaye du Lys


As I saw the place in ruins

I felt a longing for a past I hadn’t seen

I was reminded of how times change

And everything that is today

will become history one day

#freeverse #poetry

Historical Information:

The royal abbey Notre-Dame du Lys, now in a state of ruins, is an abbey of nuns believed to have founded in 1244 by Louis IX (also known as saint Louis) and his mother by Blanche de Castille. It is located close to the town of Dammarie-lès-Lys in Ile-de-France. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the last royal pligrims to this Gothic styled building as it was looted and destroyed during the French Revolution. It has been classified as a historic monument since 1930.

Check out some more pictures of the ancient abbey below:


Photos captured with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99


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