L’eglise Saint-Étienne-du-Mont: A beautiful church

Right next to the Pantheon, Paris, stands this beautiful church named Saint-Étienne-du-Mont. It is beautiful church, inside and out. Check out the pictures below, you will know what I mean by beautiful. From the stained glass to high rise roof, the little chapels and sculptures it is a sight to behold! It is also of historical significance as much as a religious place as it includes a shrine of saint Genevieve, patron of Paris, whose relics were preserved there untill they were French revolution

Inside view from behind the church where there is a chapel for virgin Mary

The chapel of Virgin Mary
The stained glass windows at the shrine of Sainte-Genevieve, patron saint of Paris
Entombment sculpture
The magestic organ at the entrance of the church
The church has a ‘jube’ in the centre (the wall or bridge like structure in between) that separates the choir from the pulpit as required in the olden times. From here the readings from the Bible were traditionally done. It is the last of the churches in Paris to retain the Jube.
A close view of the front of the church. On either side of the door is an image of Saint Étienne (St. Stephen) on the left and Sainte-Genevieve (right). Right above the door is the sculpture ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Stephen’ by Gabriel-Jules Thomas
L’église Saint-Étienne-du-Mont in Paris 5th arrondissement. The bell tower dates back to the 15th century.


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