A Tree and a poem: street art

This is a photograph I clicked of a street art on a building wall near Pantheon, Paris. The painting was done by Pierre Alechinsky. Next to it is a poem in French by Yves Bonnefoy. Part of the poem is not clear owing to the black patch on the wall, as you see in the photograph. If you are interested in reading the poem in French and an English translation (attempted by me), it is given below:

regarde ce grand arbre
et à travers lui
il peut suffire.
Car même déchiré, souillé,
l’arbre des rues,
c’est toute la nature,
tout le ciel,
l’oiseau s’y pose,
le vent y bouge, le soleil
y dit le même espoir malgré
la mort.
as-tu chance d’avoir l’arbre
dans ta rue,
tes pensées seront moins ardues,
tes yeux plus libres,
tes mains plus désireuses
de moins de nuit.


look at this huge tree
and through it,
That is enough.

Because even the torn, stained,
the tree on the streets,
it is all that is left of the nature,
all the sky,
the bird settles there,
the wind moves there, the sun
there speaks of the same hope in spite of
the death.
you are lucky to have the tree
in your street,
your thoughts will be less arduous,
your eyes more free,
your hands more eager
for less of darkness.


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