Beautiful Bruges: Churches

These are a few churches I saw in Bruges, unfortunately only from outside. So I’m unhappy about this post and can’t tell you much about these. When we were there, most of these churches were shut in the morning and our afternoons were busy checking out museums. I know, bad timing. But no worries, there’s always next time!

Jesuit church
Church of our Lady. This is an important church to visit in Bruges known for its tower and Gothic features. It also has the famous Madonna and the child sculpture by Michaelangelo. The church was under renovation, and we couldn’t catch a glimpse of the Michaelangelo art.
Outside the entry at Church of our Lady
Saint Anne’s church
View of Saint Anne’s church from behind
Street leading to Saint Anne’s church.
Jerusalem Church

One shrine we managed to find time to visit is the ‘Basicilica of the Holy Blood’ which has the blood of Jesus as a relic for pligrims to see and pray. Couldn’t take a picture of the same, as it’s not allowed.

The exterior of Basilica of the Holy Blood
Close view of the figurines on the front
The alter. The Holy blood is on the left side of this alter and has a priest in attendance who hands out pamphlet of prayer to each visitor.


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