Notre Dame on fire!!!

The historical church Notre Dame is engulfed by flames !


  1. It’s devastating, Mabel, we’ve just been watching footage on the news. I thought immediately of you, remembering the photo you posted only a few days ago, of the cat on the car roof, right outside! To know this would happen is just heartbreaking. 😥

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    • It’s absolutely heartbreaking Debbie😢
      The photo of the Notre Dame Cathedral I shared was from Senlis, a town in France. Each town in France has a Notre Dame! Today’s fire incident is in Paris which is historical, also houses the relic of crown of thorns. An important tourist attraction as well.

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      • Ahh I didn’t realise it wasn’t the Paris Notre Dame, Mabel. It’s so sad to think that such an iconic building has been devastated in such a short amount of time..all those treasures lost, & totally irreplaceable, it doesn’t bear thinking about. I just hope some have been saved. I know they said the wooden interior has been destroyed, but looked like the stonework was now safe. Guess they won’t know the full extent or cause for a while.

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