One year in France

Today marks an year since we arrived in France. In the past year I have loved living here although at times it wasn’t very easy.

Living abroad as an expat does change your life and it does bring a new perspective to your life!

Excited for what’s to come. For now ‘Vive la France’!!!😊😍


  1. Happy anniversary.
    My first reaction was to ask you where’s your homeland. But then I decided to delve into your archives to see if I could find a clue. India, am I right?
    When I first moved from lazy rural England to ‘dirty old sea-faring town’, I was curious why other people had moved to here (mine was to attend the art school). I’m also curious about what brought you from India to France

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    • Thank you Benjamin😊
      We are expats here and have come here as my husband’s job demanded this move☺️
      How much preparation? Hardly any as we didn’t have much time to prepare! All learning including French is happening here in Paris for me.


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