New game in town

People are cheering
The scores are rising
The game is on

Except the rules of the game
Have changed
This time

This time
Defeat shows high on the score board
As death plays a victory dance
Life is losing

It’s a new game in town

The fight is also on
Where losing is more of a certainty
The victory dance of death
Is more of a possibilty

There was a time
People used to
Cheer for the star players

This time
That has changed too
Our star players are sent to
The game court
Without the gears required
To win the game
They are bound to lose

And when some of them fall
And become part of scores
On the score board
People cheer

Game is still on
With people cheering on
Some genuine
And some following instructions
Mostly to fight boredom
Many, couldn’t care
Especially the ones
Who fear
Losing to starving
Than to the game they
Are forced to be a part of

The game is still on
With scores going record high
Each day
Comparison with countries and their scores
Is the new game in town
Where Defeat shows high on the
Score board

People glued to their devices
Smartphones and TVs
Waiting for
Scores to be updated

And some
Without a care in the world
Waiting to step out of
Aquarium existence
And without a bother
For the score board
Nor the star players

The game is still


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